An idea that was created about a misconception as to what liquor filled chocolates really are. There was a need to find out how to make this unique treat. A treat that will leave a lasting memory once you have had the pleasure of eating this truly delightful chocolate.

The ultimate chocolate eating experience


Gins are used from various local micro distilleries, the popularity of gin makes these chocolates equally popular. People often look for reference and find that in the gins inside the chocolates.

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Whisky and chocolate are of absolute pleasure as often people would have a piece of chocolate whilst sipping on this fantastic spirit and and enjoy the moment.

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This category is open to most people often the sweet taste is enjoyed with either milk or dark chocolate.

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We're often asked how do we make these chocolates "Do you inject them with the liqueur" but that is certainly not how we do that.

It took us a long time to find out on how to exactly do it and we have been very shy in explaining on how we do it.

We dry starch for 12 hours, sieve the starch,  create the shapes in the starch , prepare the mix and leave that for 24 hours then take them out of the starch and cover them in chocolate afterwards and decorate them.

Inevitably the hard task of tasting is done as we have to make sure only the best chocolates make it to our valued customers.

Lately we have been doing trials with cocktails and so far we have had good success with margarita which we make with Orange Liqueur from Knocklofty Spirits and Tequila, and Espresso Martini made from Martian Sky of New Norfolk Distillery and vodka. Our aim is to create a range of cocktail chocolates, exciting times ahead.

 Visited the Salamanca Market today and I must say the highlight was the liquor chocolates from Liquor Lips - absolutely delicious 🤤 a MUST DO when you come to Tassie… 

Tam and Mark Avery
Hobart visitors

 Morning, my husband found you guys at Salamanca market a few weeks ago and is obsessed!! By any chance do you ship to Melbourne? Thinking I can earn some brownie points 😂 

Simone Peppard
Hobart visitor

 Hi, just wanted to drop you a line to say, thank you so much for making these delightful true liquor filled chocolates, they are such a treat and very difficult to share, so I don’t ! Thank you. Jackie. 

Jackie Sterk
  • Hobart TAS, Australia
  • Saturdays Salamanca Market, Sundays Farmgate Market